Monday, August 30, 2010

Must All Things Die

As many of you may know, I spent most of my summer cultivating my green thumb. I wasn't born with one, but I put forth great effort to develop a green thumb from nothing. Because my summer ended on August 5, here are the results of my summer adventures.

1. 20+ Plants - all dead. However, one box miraculously revived itself after a monsoon. There are no flowers on the plants, but green leaves do fill the box.

2. Grass - roasted and fried. I have watered diligently each day and it is starting to come back. Tonight we even added miracle grow.

3. Vines - mediocre. I planted 8 and 7 1/2 are still alive. I am hoping the 1/2 of one revives because I actually really like the Cat's Claw. I do not like the other vines that the guy recommended. I am not sad about that one at all. Always heed the advice of someone you know personally, not the salesman.

4. Hummingbird feeder - shattered. I was so happy when I purchased a beautiful glass hummingbird feeder for $4. I filled it with the right food and apparently there should be a warning that the Arizona sun is too hot for the food and feeder.

5. Bird feeders - useless. I have yet to see a single bird. Plus, I have never had to refill either of the bird feeders. Dear birds, I know it is hot in AZ, but please visit my yard. I promise my dogs will not attack.

6. Trellibo - roofless. Erik and my dad built a sturdy trellibo. Erik and I designed and sewed a roof for the trellibo. It lasted a few monsoons and then the roof finally completed tore off from the structure. I was more worried about the trellibo withstanding the monsoon winds, but apparently it is more sturdy than our neighbor's roof.

7. Yard creatures - existent. Every time I water cute geckos run up the block wall. I loved the backyard wildlife. Now we have ants. Those suckers bit me numerous times tonight. That is not the type of wildlife I was hoping to attain.

All in all, my summer was great and I learned quite a bit about myself. With enough free time, I am capable of being crafty. Also, start gardening in February when it is not too hot.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Last weekend I was in Texas for my friend Sofia's wedding. It was beautiful and exactly as I imagined her wedding would be. It was relaxed and an organic affair. Sofia is not fussy and definitely not the "bridezilla" type. Through all of the wedding festivities I was able to reconnect with my friend Lindsey. Lindsey, Sofia, and I were all roommates in college. We lived in the Amarillo House with our other roommate Nikah. I had forgotten about some of our adventures and weekly habits. Cookie dough, Friends, Taco Bueno, and late nights for all except Linds. There was even the summer that Sofia and I didn't really work, but just stayed up late and watched movies all day every day. I said we were losers and she scoffed at me. After I graduated I moved out of the Amarillo House and within a few months, I was married. Through Sofia's wedding I met another wonderful person that moved into the Amarillo House after I moved, Rachel. I think I missed out. We had a great time just talking and soaking up the occasion.

During my trip I realized a few truths throughout the weekend. First, you can go months and years without seeing friends, but your experiences and values always keep you connected. It was as if we had never been apart and were the same girls in the Amarillo House, just now we have different stories to tell. Secondly, it is rare to find such wonderful friends. I think about people I meet all the time who don't have those connections to people. I know I don't cherish my friends enough, call or email. But I am glad they are still my friends and that we have opportunities to come together and reconnect. Finally, after everyone gets married and has kids, what brings you all back together? And, if we don't have kids, does that mean we see each other less?!?! College was one of my favorite stages in life. So far it is the only one I would willingly go back and relive. I love the opportunities to go back and revisit those days. It reminds me of what is most important to me and creates a new attitude in my heart. It was a place where I grew, figured out who I was through the support of amazing friends, and eventually took on a new journey - marriage and the "real world."