Monday, August 30, 2010

Must All Things Die

As many of you may know, I spent most of my summer cultivating my green thumb. I wasn't born with one, but I put forth great effort to develop a green thumb from nothing. Because my summer ended on August 5, here are the results of my summer adventures.

1. 20+ Plants - all dead. However, one box miraculously revived itself after a monsoon. There are no flowers on the plants, but green leaves do fill the box.

2. Grass - roasted and fried. I have watered diligently each day and it is starting to come back. Tonight we even added miracle grow.

3. Vines - mediocre. I planted 8 and 7 1/2 are still alive. I am hoping the 1/2 of one revives because I actually really like the Cat's Claw. I do not like the other vines that the guy recommended. I am not sad about that one at all. Always heed the advice of someone you know personally, not the salesman.

4. Hummingbird feeder - shattered. I was so happy when I purchased a beautiful glass hummingbird feeder for $4. I filled it with the right food and apparently there should be a warning that the Arizona sun is too hot for the food and feeder.

5. Bird feeders - useless. I have yet to see a single bird. Plus, I have never had to refill either of the bird feeders. Dear birds, I know it is hot in AZ, but please visit my yard. I promise my dogs will not attack.

6. Trellibo - roofless. Erik and my dad built a sturdy trellibo. Erik and I designed and sewed a roof for the trellibo. It lasted a few monsoons and then the roof finally completed tore off from the structure. I was more worried about the trellibo withstanding the monsoon winds, but apparently it is more sturdy than our neighbor's roof.

7. Yard creatures - existent. Every time I water cute geckos run up the block wall. I loved the backyard wildlife. Now we have ants. Those suckers bit me numerous times tonight. That is not the type of wildlife I was hoping to attain.

All in all, my summer was great and I learned quite a bit about myself. With enough free time, I am capable of being crafty. Also, start gardening in February when it is not too hot.

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