Monday, September 13, 2010


Today one of my students used the phrase, "what any normal person would do." Of course, this all to common phrase struck me for some reason and prompted me to think and ponder all afternoon and evening. Not only did I think about "normal people" that I know and normal behaviors, I began to wonder if I am "normal." Don't laugh. Based on some people's values and actions, I do NOT want to be considered normal by them. Norms establish what is normal behavior and therefore who is and is not a normal person. But who establishes the norms? The majority of course, which is the scary part. As easily as people are influenced these days, believe information to be true without ever researching it for themselves, or even take on a mob mentality, I am concerned about the future of "norms."

Here are my predictions for future norms:
1. Disney pop stars will one day graduate into political powerhouses. Demi Lovato for President!
2. Every American will be a Reality TV star or starlet. We will all record our every action and post it to the Internet for the world to see. Everyone will have an opportunity to be "The Truman Show."
3. There will be teacup and toy humans.
4. There will be more uncompleted tasks and projects that completed because "it was too hard."
5. Range Rovers will eventually become obsolete, as will rappers who use mono-syllabic words or lyrics with only three different words.

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  1. Justin Bieber for President! And I am totally okay with my life being like Truman Burbank. As long as I make $$.