Thursday, July 15, 2010

Burk Has Some Moves

Burk is not your average dog. He thinks he is smaller than he actually is. He likes to hug by putting his front legs around your neck. And he seems to enjoy peeing on Denton. Yet, he still has some common dog tendencies. Tonight I had to give Denton a bath because he threw up on himself, so I thought I would throw Burk and for a little scrub-a-dub-dub. Surprisingly, he stood in the bathtub for the duration of his bath and only tried to jump out once. The insanity began when he tried to dry himself off by using the carpet.

Here is a video of Burk drying himself off.


  1. Max does that!!! He rubs his head on the carpet in attempt to get the water out of his ears and then runs around like a mad man! Quite entertaining!

  2. We would do the SAME thing if q-tips did not exist! Think about it. How annoying is it when we get water in our ears?? Great video

  3. Jess, You are so wise! Mel, You should bring Max over to play with Burk and Denton. That might be even more entertaining.