Friday, July 2, 2010

Good Friends

I have the greatest friends! They are pretty fantastic. Two of my oldest friends (not in age, but in number of years of friendship) are getting married in August. Then, my brother-in-law will get married right after that. No one has ever described me as sentimental, but I am looking forward to these exciting occasions.

I bought my bride's maid's dress for one of the weddings in March or April. I am so thankful because it is the most adorable dress. I love friends that pick cute clothes and Sof is just the cutest. Her invitation arrived in the mail today and it is so adorable. Yesterday I went on the hunt for the perfect shoes. I was prepared to lay down some heavy cash for the shoes because the shoes need to do the dress justice. I didn't know it, but yesterday was my lucky day. I've had my eye on a pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack. Needless to say, they were 50% off yesterday, so I snatched them home to try on with my dress. I slipped on the shoes and then the dress. I ran into one small issue. I have outgrown the dress! At this point all I can do is diet and lose weight. The dress is sold out and I definitely can't add material to make it bigger. Haha! Nonetheless, I will lose the weight. I have one month. I can do this. Nothing like pressure. Too bad I don't have the same metabolism that I had in my teen years. Here are my shoes.I have been rather worried that I am turning into a Martha Stewart-esque person. I think my friend Jess may beat me. First she had us over for dinner and cooked. Sure she cheated on a few items, but she did cook. Then, she made me a wreath. I absolutely love it! It is one of my favorite things in my house now.
My husband is another of my best friends. I love him because he loses bets. I know, that sounds bizarre. One day we were in World Market and got to talking about the glassware that we have. He was emphatic that they were from Ikea. I bought them at World Market, so I knew they were from World Market. I saw this as a great opportunity to get new glassware. I bet him that if he was wrong, he had to buy new glassware for the house. I didn't even say what I would do if I was wrong because it wasn't worth wasting my breath. Here is one of my new glasses. They come in multiple colors, so I got an assortment.I even went hiking this summer. I use that term lightly. We walked around a third of the lake and stumbled upon a fort. Someone was inspired, not me, the fort builder. Don't worry, just as good friends should do, they already made fun of me for wearing flip flops and a shirt with ruffles.
I even ventured out with some good friends and helped one pick out an outfit for her first professional interview post-college. Of course, that is one of my favorite stages in life! Sharing in life changes, whether they are my own or someone else's change, is exciting. Sometimes I think we constantly try to get to the next big stage, that we don't cherish the one we are in. It is a privilege to share those stages with others.

I love spending time with friends. It usually makes for good conversation, lots of laughs, and friends even mark various stages in your life. Some stages are less desirable than others, but growth is always a positive. Friends can remind us of where we were and celebrate with us for where we are in the present.

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