Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are we having fun yet?

We recently acquired another dog. Burk. Although yesterday, Erik and Bre changed his name to Burke. I like Burk. That is where I found him and that is how you spell it. But anyway, we now have two dogs. Denton, the special needs dog, and Burk, who believes he is as small as Denton. Now that we have Burk, I realize how old and grumpy Denton truly is. He huffs and puffs like an old man. Burk bounces around like a small child. Are you enjoying my similes yet? So, Burk likes to get up in the middle of the night and go outside. Well, the other night I start to feel all of this sand around my feet. He is a digger and brought all of the dirt back into the bed. Needless to say I read an article the next day about all the reasons you should not let your dog sleep in your bed. Considering one sleeps on my head and the other on my legs, who brings dirt to bed, I haven't contemplated getting them their own beds. But according to that article it will be better for my health and theirs. If the one on my head starts to suffocate me, then I guess I will take action.

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