Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garden Sanctuary

Erik and I have been busy working on our backyard. It is turning into a an outdoor garden sanctuary. I need a sanctuary. I find the yard to be so much more peaceful than I ever anticipated. As a child, I remember my mom always working diligently in the yard. At the time I had zero interest in her outdoor hobbies. Years later, the first place I go each morning is out into the yard. I go to check on my plants, flowers, and to just look at the grass. On occasion I notice the dog poop and pray Erik will mow that day and it will turn into nice fertilizer. Unfortunately, he doesn't mow everyday.

Yesterday, Erik and my dad built the trellibo. We hung solar lights, set out the chairs, and put the fire pit in it's rightful position. I am contemplating putting flowers in the pit. I don't need a literal fire in my yard for several more months. The air just feels like fire. Today, I purchased Cat's Claw and Snail Vine. I planted the Cat's Claw and am in the process of looking for the perfect pots for the Snail Vine. The Cat's Claw will grow to cover the walls that make up our fences. The Snail Vine will grow around all of the posts of the trellibo. My vision is coming to fruition.

Today, Erik and my dad also built cornhole, while my mom sewed all of the bags. Erik and my dad played several times. Erik never even let my dad win once! But they had fun.

I love my yard. I could spend hours out there. There is just something about getting dirt under your nails, digging with a shovel while jumping on it as if it is a pogo stick to get deep into the Arizona ground, and fresh air. I love seeing all of the tiny insects running as I start to dig. I was ecstatic when I found rolly pollies in one of the Cat's Claw pots.

Gardening and being in the yard reminds me of my younger days. Days when life was simple. Days when my primary concerns were whether or not my parents would make me come inside at dark. Days when I stole pomegranates from the tree in the backyard and ate them while hiding in the dog house that my dad built. During these days there were even grape Fruit Roll-ups. I miss grape Fruit Roll-ups. These were also the days when I would sneak into the cabinet and drink the Dimetapp because it tasted like grape. Maybe my mom should have just kept more grapes in the house. I would also fake a cough so that I could have cherry Luden's. And today I confessed to my mom that I would fake illnesses to stay home from school because I wanted to stay caught up on certain TV shows. I seemed to fake a lot of things, but honestly, I think my mom knew the entire time.

It is funny how we quickly we forget the simple times. As a kid, I always wanted to be older and have more freedom. Freedom brought more responsibilities. Responsibilities brought more commitments. Commitments brought less free time. I am so thankful and blessed with the life that I have. God has led me down an amazing path. I know my parents wanted two things for my life. A great husband, which I can put a check next to that one and a job that I love. Another check next to that one. My commitments often feel like free time. They aren't burdens. My responsibilities even bring about more freedom. That said, I love being a responsible adult!

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