Monday, June 14, 2010


Today Erik and I ran errands all day. We set out to Costco and the fabric store, but ended up finding some great deals on decorating items. We have been slowly but surely working on our living room. On one of the ledges, I had a vision of funky candlestick holders. We are almost done! We found several today! And, all were on sale! :) We also wanted to put curtains on the sliding glass door to dress up the area. This project needs some serious TLC! Erik picked out curtains and I had the idea to use knobs to hang them instead of a rod. We need to get a few more knobs and then I think it will be complete. Hopefully. I really love decorating together. We feed off one another, in a good way of course. In fact, we went to return TJ Maxx this evening to return an item and who was in line checking out? Mike and Jess. They work well decorating together too. I love that Jess and I both have amazing husbands that see our vision, add to it, and are willing to sand anything! I hate sanding. It is loud, dusty and tedious. But my husband with asthma gladly sands for me! Over the years, we have created some great projects. I fear one day we will run out of room. I don't think I will ever let that happen though. We have a project planned for when my parents visit. It will be the project of all projects for us. We have a vision, but have to build it from scratch. We have never built anything from nothing. Thankfully my dad will be here to teach us a thing or two. Thank heaven for daddies, right!?!?!

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  1. I can't wait to see what your dad is gonna cook up B