Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gardening, My New Boyfriend

Gardening is my new boyfriend. I know, you are probably thinking, "What about your husband?" Well, don't worry, I still have him too! I like to have my cake and eat it too. Anyhoo, let me share some pics of my new boyfriend.

We have spent a lot of time together the past couple days. I think we are really bonding. And the greatest part is that we get to see each other everyday!

I know. You are probably confused because you thought these guys were my boyfriends.

They are usually my boyfriends. I guess they were getting a little jealous of the time that I was spending with my new boyfriend. How do I know this? Well, Denton consistently eats the soil. I think he thinks the soil is a brownie, but it isn't. Burk is a bit more vindictive. He dug up one entire pot of flowers! I know! How dare he! It is 2010. A woman can have more than one boyfriend. Give me some space Burk!

When I think about it, I always have a boyfriend. Each stage or season of my life presents a boyfriend. For example, during the regular NBA season, my boyfriend is Derrick Rose.

Because Derrick and the Bulls did not make it to the Finals, I had to choose another boyfriend. No one in their right mind would ever choose a boyfriend on the Lakers. Fortunately for me, my old boyfriend is on the Celtics. Nate Robinson.
This is Nate dunking over my other boyfriend. You may have heard of him. He is kind of a big deal. Dwight Howard. Dwight is the original Superman. I am not sure what Shaq is thinking, although he is funny.

I love boyfriends! They bring me joy, keep me out of trouble, and teach me life lessons. Gardening - teaches me the importance of TLC. Denton and Burk teach me the importance of unconditional love. Derrick, Nate, and Dwight, well they teach me the importance of hardwork and perseverance.

I am sure some of you are wondering about my number one boyfriend. His name is Erik. He teaches me just as much. On a daily basis he reminds me that he does pay attention and care about me. My other boyfriends teach me important lessons, but really aren't that selfless in our relationships. Erik listens to me and then lovingly responds. I love my number one boyfriend!


  1. OMG This may sound really weird but I read that blog and heard your voice...I read it as your voice...does this make sense? So hilarious! I think last summer there was a time when Sun City was your boyfriend

  2. That is hilarious! Yes, I think I have many other boyfriends, but I only mentioned a few. Erik kept naming many other boyfriends.