Sunday, June 20, 2010

Growing Family

No, I'm not pregnant. I'm getting a sister! No, my mom is not pregnant either. My brother-in-law, Kevin, proposed to the most wonderful person, Krystle! I am rather excited about this! Growing up I never realized that I was rather different because I did not have siblings. It was not until I entered junior high and started staying at my friends' houses more often that I realized the benefits of a sibling. Although when I think back not all siblings seemed that great. However, most of my friends had wonderful siblings. They set great examples of how siblings should treat each other and interact. Selflessnes. Graciousness. Generosity. And most importantly, laughter.

When I got married I gained two brothers. That was pretty exciting and has been great! I couldn't ask for better brothers. In fact I really hate the term "in-laws" because it carries such a negative connotation, which my family is in stark contrast to those stereotypes. I am thankful that my family is growing. God has truly blessed me with great family.

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  1. im pissed you have more followers than me. Oh and CONGRATS to KEV!