Monday, June 7, 2010

Why I like "fighting" with my husband...

I like fighting with my husband for several reasons.
A. They aren't really fights, but rather discussions.
B. They are hilarious!
C. Usually the fight starts and 30 seconds later one of us apologizes.
D. When you step back and look at the situation, it is so stupid! What is really worth fighting
over and being angry about.
Erik probably gets frustrated with me because about a minute into an argument I start narrating and analyzing the situation in my head. It is at this time that I get a grin on my face. Not really the stereotypical game face for an argument. Then I can't help but attempt to bring light to the situation. I am probably the most frustrating person. A real example from this evening. Erik and I were moving some boxes. He broke the glass in a picture frame that we bought when we first got married. I got upset and proceeded to tell Erik why he needs to be careful. Apparently he did not appreciate that. I don't really understand why not. So, he explains to me why it isn't a big deal, it is just a frame, etc. Then, wait for it, he says, "When else did I break something?" Huge grin. I state, "About 2 minutes ago when you broke the chandelier." For a moment I reveled in the fact that he set me up for that perfect question! In those moments that I am grinning, I realize I am probably just as guilty, just as often and should extend some grace. I mean I shudder to admit that I am not perfect on the world wide web, but it is true. I need grace too.

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