Friday, June 11, 2010

Burk, the Bee Catcher

Moments ago Erik asked me to climb up on this ledge in our living room that is at least 9 feet in the air. He was trying to hang some floating shelves in it and needed me to crawl into the ledge and see if the shelf was on the screws correctly. As I began to climb the ladder, I saw a buzzing insect. I wasn't sure if it was a bee or a June bug. After all, it is June, but I am in Arizona. The buzzing noise led me to believe it was a bee. As I was giving Erik strict instructions about not moving the ladder, moving while standing on the ladder, or even breathing, he tells me bees don't come out at night. He was wrong. It was definitely a bee. Erik told me it was going to be fine. I envisioned myself getting stung by the bee while trying to get onto the ledge and falling to my death. I did not make the correct prediction.

Here is the ladder and ledge.
As I was climbing onto the ledge, I saw Burk chasing the bee out of the corner of my eye. I started yelling at Erik to get Burk. Erik climbed down the ladder, which moving on the ladder was against my rules, to grab Burk. At that point Burk had the bee in his mouth. Erik yelled at Burk and he dropped the bee. Then he grabbed the bee in his mouth again and ran over 4 steps. Erik tried to grab him again and Burk dropped the bee. Erik was able to step on it. The whole time I am yelling at Erik telling him that if Burk eats the bee, then he will get sick. I said, "Remember how sick you got when you ate a bee."

I am sure you are wondering why Erik ate a bee. You see, our friend Jess loves a good dare. One of the first times we hung out, she dared Erik to eat a bee for $200. For some reason, there was a dead bee at our table. Erik ate the bee. Hours later, he was pretty sick! I am so thankful Burk didn't have to experience the same sickness. I am more thankful that I don't have to clean up Burk's sickness. And I am even more thankful that Jess dared Erik to eat a bee so I could use that as a reason to get the bee away from Burk!

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