Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Becoming Domesticated

Tonight I realized that I am becoming domesticated. I know this is a term usually reserved for animals. I wouldn't normally compare myself to an animal, but let's face it, I am somewhat like a wild stallion. I like to do things my way. I am independent. I have too many ideas and don't always march down the typical path. Yet, within that context, I am simple and prefer many traditional values. I don't think anyone would ever describe me as one might describe the stereotypical wife from the 1950s or even 1980s. I never envisioned myself with 2. 5 children, a white picket fence, and making dinner every night for the family. Instead, I saw myself working, possibly a white picket fence because they are so darn cute, eating out, and living a life similar to the one I lead now. I live out my dreams on a day-to-day basis.

Lately, I have gained more and more interest in decorating my home. It is fun to find cool ideas, work on projects with my husband, and create what I see in my head, but can't find in the store. Plus, I love the thrill of the hunt. Gardening for example. Fun, but my mother tried her best to develop a green thumb on me at an early age. It did not take. I HATED gardening. Why? Because it required getting dirty and being outside. My two least favorite tasks. Today, I love them both. I am an evolving creature. I pray I don't turn into a Martha Stewart type. I think it would just cause people to panic and be certain that the end times were upon us.

Here are some of my latest projects:

The first project is our outdoor trellibo (trellis and gazebo). I am going to plant some vines that will grow up the red posts and we are going to add more roof pieces made out of this bamboo-like material. It is only in the beginning stages. My dad and Erik built the trellibo. It is perfect. My dad T-ed it up. I learned that is term used in carpentry, not just a call in basketball. Erik and I painted it in the time it took my parents to make dinner one evening. We found these wonderful Christmas lights that run on solar panels. They are perfect!

The second project was my collection of plates. I have always collected plates, but I finally had enough to hang them on the wall in my dining room. I think all of the plate hangers cost more than the plates themselves! It is fun to look at the plates. Some are from my early days of plate collecting. Some are more recent.

The final project is one piece of a larger piece of art that will end up on the wall behind our couch. I was inspired by a piece that we purchased and took back because the color scheme was wrong. Then I saw a blog that showed how a lady made her own. Currently, I am 2 hours into the project and about 5 or 6 hot glue sticks. I have one circle. This may be one of my largest undertakings yet. But don't worry. I will complete the task at hand.

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