Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm blogging.......

And I'm blogging......who knew. Thanks Jess for the inspiration. Because I am out of school, I thought I would try something new. So, let me start with that supercenter place that starts with a Wal and is something of a Mart. I went this this evening to buy one can of spray paint and an hour later I was exiting the store to return home. First of all, kids stop huffing the spray paint so it doesn't have to be behind locked glass doors. As I approached the paint section, I saw three people walking away with cans of spray paint. Once I got to the glass cabinet there were no workers ANYWHERE! I scoured the aisles and no one was to be found that could assist me. Eventually I found this elderly man and he sent me to sporting goods. Once I got to sporting goods, I stood in line behind a family of four getting ready to go fishing. Son #1 needed a fishing license. Mom needed a pink fishing pole and a license. Son #2 wanted to go home and dad needed to invest in sunscreen. After 20 minutes of waiting for this family to purchase their fishing licenses, talk about the hottest spots in the metro area to fish, purusing pictures of large bass on the worker's cell phone, another woman came to help me. I told her that I needed a can of spray paint. She got the keys from the other worker and then asked me where the spraypaint was located. I led the way. She tried every key before the last one opened the glass cabinet. I got my paint and headed to the mile long line. After an hour, I exited to my car and drove home. Did I learn patience? No, I learned it is better to pay twice as much and go to Lowe's. This basic economics. An hour of my time is worth at least $1-2.


  1. is da hood sto real? OMG. Have you been in there? Yay! Love the blog! Post pics of what you are spray painting please.

  2. It was real. Apparently, it has closed. I did not go in, but I definitely was intrigued!